How to Fix Windows Update Error 80072ee2

If you are not at the very least familiar with how Windows works solving Windows Update error 80072ee2 may be a little tricky because most of the things that cause it are things that you may have never heard of. That is why we have put together this complete, step by step set of instructions that will help you solve the problem.

To put it simply error code 0x80072ee2 means that the Windows update program is trying to connect to the download server and it comes back with this error:

An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer. Error found: Code 80072ee2 Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

In fact it means that it cannot establish a connection outside your system so it is not about the Windows server being down but that your computer is somehow blocking it.

Here is a complete list of solutions that you can follow to solve Windows Update error 80072ee2

1. Turn Off Your Firewall

If you know what a firewall is than you probably have a custom one installed and you know how to turn it off. If you don’t than the Windows firewall that comes with every Windows copy may have some error and you need to turn it off to check for that. In order to turn it off you need to:

  1. Go to Start and then to Control Panel.
  2. Click on System and Security and then on Windows Firewall
  3. On the left side of the window you will have an option to turn the Windows Firewall of or on.

If this gets rid of the code 80072ee2 than you need to go to that last window where we got the option to stop the firewall and you will find another option called Allow a program or feature through the Windows Firewall. Click on it and add the following three programs to the list:

And finally make sure that you turn your Windows Firewall back on from the same place where you turned it off.

2. Proxy Server Error

Check with your system administrator if you are using a proxy server and if you do make sure that the user and password are updated in the Internet Explorer settings. You can check that by going to the Tools Menu and clicking on Internet options. Then go to the Connections Tab and there you will find your LAN settings button. Click on it and you will get the option to set a proxy user name and password.

3. A Spyware May Have Changed Your Proxy Settings

Your computer’s proxy setting may have been changed by a spyware program if your computer is or has been infested. So you obviously need to install a good anti-virus program to check for that but for the moment you can simply go to Start and open the Run program. In it you will type “netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie” without the commas and that should get your system running again. However if you still have the spyware it will eventually re-write your proxy settings so make sure that you do a complete virus sweep with a good program.

4 Re-Register the Necessary .dlls

There are some crucial bits of information that tell your computer how to do basically everything it does called dll. Sometimes, for various reasons these dlls will get unregistered and you need to re-register the ones that might trigger the windows update error 80072ee2. Basically you need to go to Start, open the Run program and type in regsvr32 {name of the dll}. The name of the dlls that you will need to register one by one are oleaut32.dll,  jscript.dll,  vbscript.dll,  msxml.dll,  softpub.dll,  wintrust.dll,  initpki.dll, cryptdlg.dll.

5 Change the MTU Value

The MTU is the maximum size of an internet packet of data that will be allowed to pass by a particular layer. It is a very technical term and it is the last possible reason for windows update error 80072ee2. Still it is one that you need to consider if all else fails and the way you correct that is by going to the Start menu, clicking Run and then cmd (by this time you are already feeling like an IT professional, right?) and type in “netsh interface ipv4 set subinterfaceLocal Area Connectionmtu=1492 store=persistent

This is the last solution that you can try but you can also be sure that it will fix your computer if everything else has failed because there is basically no other issue that could generate the error code  0x80072ee2.

Daniel Fletcher is an expert contributor to PC Repair Hub, teaching you how to fix the most common windows errors.

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